Smell this…Barbeque Season

BBQ Chicken 7691The sounds of a sultry sizzle at the bottom of a fragrant column of smoke are music to the ears this month. All over the city, cooking enthusiasts are unearthing their barbeques from the forgotten shadows of the garage and bringing them back into the light of day. A good old fashioned neighbourhood cookout was never more welcome than the first one of spring. Backyards are transformed into great halls where feasting knows no bounds. Family and friends come together to sup on finger licking delights. Chicken steeping in BBQ sauce sends it aroma over the fence and into the appetites of the neighbours who decide it’s about main-bbq-party-ideastime they paid a visit next door with a potato salad. The smell of rich sauces and grilling meat, the sounds of people laughing, children playing, even a preliminary splash in the pool, along with the taste of hot-off-the-grill fare paired with cool summer salads combine in a celebration of the good life. Break out the cold ones, barbeque season has arrived!

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