smell this…game night!

tumblr_inline_n8pw4asm3b1qh0bo7It’s the night of a sporting party and company is coming over to watch the game. What will they find sitting scrumptiously on the snack table? A smaller crunchier version of the self same snack food that has been sating patrons of Bavarian beer tents and brew halls since culinary time immemorial: the golden goodness of pretzels. Hot, crisp and tantalizing when fresh from the oven, these savoury festival fixtures are a favourite among fragrant food aficionados. A shower of salt piques the ears just before the smell of steaming bread, kneaded and knotted to perfection, seeps out of the kitchen through increasing attentive noses and into regions of the brain where reward systems are gearing up like revving engines at the start of a race. The associations start to pour in as the piquant twinge of mustard seeds, savoury surge of cured meats and frothy refreshment of golden lagers join the festivities exciting the senses. Don the dirndls and let the oom-pah band play the night away, it may be summertime but a little taste of Oktoberfest is always a delight.

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