smell this….lagoon blue


Potoma_island_157 001

Potoma_island_157 001

In the hour of magic, still waters run deep. The starry night sky gently lights blue waters as dense and inky as a painter’s palette. As rich to the eye as velvet to the touch, the water is a vast curtain covering the secret depths of the world. The smell of this Midnight Velvet is heavy, cold and curious, hinting at all that lies unseen in the dark. Primordial myths of sea deities and lost spirits roaming the shore sing their songs on the wind as the scent of salt, seaweed, and chilled sand come together in a fragrant dance. A distant lagoon glistens in the starlight and for a moment it seems a mermaid appears but the creature dives off again too quickly to be sure. All that is left is a fleeting scent trail.

Olfactive Branding


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