Smell This…

Our latest Olfactive Brand Oben Flats is perfect for the trendy shops, a dining scene known for elaborate brunches, and a tight-knit community. Some of the reasons why Leslieville is such an attractive locale for Toronto people looking for a fun area to live Urban Toronto.obenFlats_leslieville_street-1050x700

Oben Flats signature scent has been hand crafted by perfumer Tracy Pepe. Pepe’s apothecary style blending infused naturals with aroma compounds to create the unique sensorial experience. Oben Flats fragrance installation is scheduled to be completed by the end of August, 1025 Queen St E, Toronto.

This custom scent design is complex yet defined, the curating process required many variations with a design schedule of ten months. Open Flats accord begins with a whimsical blend of Ultra Marine Blue, a signature accord found in the . 20150706_154502webFragrant notes of bergamot and mandarin mix with salt, mimosa, and water lily. The accord is selectively infused with seaweed and bleach wood. The signature of this fragrant gem is found in the lavender imported Provence, France. Leather notes play together with the top accord creating a unique vibration, soft, welcoming that suggests, “Stay awhile, this is living.” True to apothecary blending, a twist of mandarin and lime essential oils are added creating an intoxicating aroma that is light, yet pleasant.

“The Oben Flats scent is one of the most important details we’ve incorporated into our brand. Not only does it mark the feeling that you have “arrived”, but it denotes the aire of what Oben Flats living is all about.” Julian Battiston, President and Co-Founder of Oben Flats.llJxbvUn


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