smell this…white ice


Pure chill that cuts to the bone, entering the body like an icicle and exiting in a slow frosted breath, white ice is the smell of rarity. Devoted to the few that can handle extremes of silence, cold and desolation, white ice has encased the hearts of ruthless queens and preserved the fates of wretched souls throughout the ages. There is pride in communion with the cold and there is strength in surviving it. White ice aroma is unnervingly inviting. It whispers of ultimate release and to urges a nose follow the sensations of calm, stillness and lurking power. Mental stamina can be developed on this path but to go too far can yield death. The smell of white ice is powerful and provocative, a double edged sword reserved for the lion hearted with a drive to withstand and for the forlorn on the verge of surrender. Inhale its scent with caution, hold it with fortitude and exhale with resolve.


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