smell trust

RESEARCH indicates using ULTRA BLUE aroma from the WHIFF COLLECTION within a space, increase trust with individuals.. BANK ON THAT!


“This study shows ambient scent can affect the level of trust exhibited by people towards others. As hypothesized it was found that Blue ambient scent (assumed to have a calming effect) increased the level of trust displayed by participants compared to the Orange scent (assumed to have arousal effect). Also there is a strong gender effect on the level of trust exhibited. Males tend to offer higher offers compared to females.  These findings have relevance for consumer behavior especially in services contexts (e.g., financial services and other professional services), where trust is an important factor that affects the choice of service provider like banks and investment firms. Scents have been mostly used by retailers and hospitality industry (hotels) as they have been thought to have a pleasing effect on mood. Intriguingly in our study though the scents did not affect the mood of the participants, yet they had a differential effect on the trust level as exhibited by differential offers in trust game.Waves crash against the shore and spray fills the air with kisses from the sea. A gentle breeze is a salty cleansing breathe, making ripples in loose cotton dresses and tossing hair like a playful current.”

As we continue to evaluate the entire collection, we hope to demonstrate how scent changes a space and the relevance to scent and colour.  The research is indicating that choosing the scent that matches colour impact designs and increases a more favourable outcome with a a consumer.

20150706_170142The Whiff Collection is hand crafted by Tracy Pepe and available to the design trade.


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