Smell this

Smell This

Smell This

What’s your flavour? Cooking is a hot topic in the mass media and the master chef is experiencing a renaissance as a gustatory virtuoso. Brewing and blending with all the finesse of a magician, there is something overtly sexy about the persona. In a culture where food is so often a matter of convenience, this culinary wizard with the scent trail emanating from utensils like a magic wand beguiles people to get back into the kitchen and start cooking – as much figuratively as literally. The kitchen itself bursts with the colours and smells of fresh herbs and spices, coming together in concoctions so hearty and hedonistic that the lines between sensory and sensual blur. Taste is fast becoming the new touch and the chef is a link from routine to fantasy with a dinner bell in hand. “Come and get it” indeed!

All spaces have a scent and especially the kitchen! Nose Knows Design unlocks the potential of this often-overlooked sensory dimension within a space to communicate a carefully crafted brand image. This is “Scent Design.”

Our next CEU seminar Smelling Colours is on Tuesday September 20th, 2016, 10:00 am to 11:30 am. We are please to work in the lovely kitchens only found at Coast Appliances Showroom.

Location: Coast Appliances Showroom, 1748 Creditstone Rd #1 Vaughan ON L4K 5V8



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