Ask the Question..what will this space smell like?


What will it take for the DESIGN Community to consider scent, for their next space?

Most often Design TEAMS do not consider what a space will smell like after it is designed. BUT WHY?

A scented space is often a bi-product of scents not being considered within that space. Some can smell nice, a Christmas tree in the lobby, the scent of FIR or SPRUCE bring back lovely holiday memories for most.

However a recent poll suggests workers are finding it difficult to do their job because colleagues eat smelly food for lunch.

Why has the design community not considered that scent can be a tool in design? You can add scents to create stimulating and calming environments. Designing with scent in mind, one can consider certain raw materials to use, or procedures such as vents or filters, there are many design tools to enhance or eliminate odours.

Scent Design is becoming more popular and if you are attending this years IIDEX Show in Toronto, Smelling Colours is an IDC approved seminar, OR Blind architect Chris Downey speaks about sensorial design. There are so many ways to work with scent, but the Design Community needs to ask the question, “What will this space smell like?”


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