smell this…the whiff story

The Story of Whiff While decorating my home, I realized my decor matched my scents. Whiff began in my kitchen over five years ago and I began teaching the design community. I use a collection of essential oils and raw materials that I import. Each oil has been independently tested to ensure safety, and they meet all regulatory requirements with the new health laws.


I found the best diffuser that dry diffuses the oil, I have worked with a candle maker for the last 6 months who hand pours my Whiff collection in jars and tins.   My Whiff Sticks, (also dry diffusion) allows the scent to diffuse for 7 to 10 days. The sticks can be recycled for they are made from recycled paper. My entire collection is available on my website.


You can find me on the internet for I often create really interesting scent installations. I look forward to working with the Arts Market and I hope you enjoy my collection and please, stop and take a Whiff.



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