Scented Spaces

I recently started a campaign to ask support with a book I am writing, Scented Spaces. I have asked for a $10 donation or a social share from the crowd funding site. I wanted to write this book because it will be the next step to my career. My first (and only book on the subject) book So, What is all the Sniff About? I completed 19 years ago: times have changed. With a career expanding over 27 years within the world of scent. I have succeed my 10 000 hours to claim “EXPERT” as a title. 20150706_170142

However it was made very clear to me why I need to do write this book. I had two experiences that changed everything.

First, I spoke to a large architectural/design group in Florida, through an organization BOND (I will be speaking again, Sept 21st, 2017). I am hoping some of the attendance may comment on my work and share to the design community WHY LEARN about SCENT? I often teach to a group of architects and many express sincere gratitude for my talks change their perceptive on why one needs to consider scent or better yet, they start to ask the question “What will the space smell like when I have completed the project?”

Reason ONE to continue. My work inspires people to be better at what they do.

Now reason TWO.

Recently, an individual from the same industry expressed that she had a bad reaction, (probably a perfume I assume an EDT of some type) and is now an expert. Conclusion for her – all scents in spaces is a bad idea, and the research that supports it is not valid. (Tell that to Lucca Turin for his amazing TED talk). Her personal experience has caused her to block the idea and demonstrated to me the ignorance that still exists even with trained, educated individuals. She has no idea that there is a distributive trend occurring NOW where over 17 diseases – 8 cancers are now detected by a SCENT! How this has changed DESIGN – SCENT it is now a tool. Like colour, light, sound, SCENT can be used to design better!

Now for those who know my character… I really wanted to tell her that I have been in many spaces that are horrifically designed by her industry, but that does not cause me to appreciate and want to learn about “good” design. However, I graciously rebutted: actually defended scents, something I normally do not do.

I teach, celebrate the positive attributes, the amazing science. I share in-depth case studies and I help people. Scented Spaces is MY mission. With or without the crowd funding I will figure this out. This book is needed for the design world. I want to share a journey that I have been on for many years and enlighten those who are willing to learn. I did thank her and told her it is because of her attitude, I will NOT STOP my mission.82598b032f37473b66d7078d7e5cba06


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