Something to Smell today

Spaces of innovation are on the rise. To create the olfactory dimension, novel smells that herald technological advancement are the key. 50 Shades a Grey offers crisp, ozonic notes with a clear, white freshness bring imagination and possibility into a space. Metallic notes careen into the future with a cool sharpness that stimulates ideas and creativity. Innovative brand aromas aim for intelligence, sophistication and excitement, and they are kindling bright ideas in electronics shops. These spaces may be transformed into buzzing laboratories and tinkering workshops with the right blend. Look for smart, energizing aroma s to enhance gaming stations, mobile technology kiosks and computer displays.


The Scent Game questions one to re-imagine design from an olfactory perspective. Do you know what metal or tar smells like?  January 18 -20th, Toronto, experience an interactive scent installation that captures the art of scent design featuring the material used in interior design.


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