Something To smell today….


day_4 The living earth is omnipresent in collective conscientiousness these days and businesses are picking up on it. Soothing energy from the aromas of organic elements such as moss, mushrooms, clay and wet earth bring a sense of peace and optimism to a space.   Fresh Green offers fragrant notes to a space where all things that grow are welcome is a space where consumer relationships can flourish like spring flowers. Green leaves and woody essences bring holistic living into a home shop or bohemian haven. Healthy, optimistic and grounded in the joys of living well, these aromas lend wholesome, natural auras to a space and promote healing moods of unity and calm among patrons.

The Scent Game questions one to re-imagine design from an olfactory perspective. Do you know what metal or tar smells like?  January 18 -20th, Toronto, experience an interactive scent installation that captures the art of scent design featuring the material used in interior design.


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