Something to smell today…

1B77302_0002_ltAn artist sets to work with the scent of Sculptor’s Clay pervading the studio. Outside stimulation retreats and ideas begin to gather, form and shape emerging in the mind. A dense, raw grey with a wink of silver, Clay is the scent of ingenuity. Its aroma is cool, metallic and flinty, invoking the fires that ignite when inspiration hits. Earthy notes ground the scent, underscoring the skill and diligence it takes to make a craft into a work of art. Malleable to mood and mindset, the smell of Sculptor’s Clay is versatile and open to interpretation. It is an appeal to the imagination and a spark to light the creative flame. Breathe deep, open your mind and let it burn brightly.

The Scent Game questions one to re-imagine design from an olfactory perspective. Do you know what metal or tar smells like?  January 18 -20th, Toronto, experience an interactive scent installation that captures the art of scent design featuring the material used in interior design.


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