Something to smell today….


Colourful personalities and silly antics roll into a space like a barrel of monkeys to recapture the feelings of childhood. From play dates to big family outings, everything is fun and exciting as a kid, and the aromas that accompany this time of life are every bit as joyful and carefree. Whether waxy crayons, fresh and fruity bubble baths or finger paints and clay in all the colours of the rainbow, childhood has a special blend of aromas all its own that will always provoke nostalgia in all of our inner children. Riotous Fushia aroma can brighten up a department or add an element to a think tank or serious boardroom, linking work, to playtime, and keeping happy faces all around.

The Scent Game questions one to re-imagine design from an olfactory perspective. Do you know what metal or tar smells like?  January 18 -20th, Toronto, experience an interactive scent installation that captures the art of scent design featuring the material used in interior design.


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