Something to smell today..

grinch-tree  Balsam Fir, Fresh Pine, Spruce these are the aromas that capture my heart.  I will take you on a journey with me… My daughter is 5 month and I am carrying her on my back, my son who is 6 is running through the snow, we are looking for the perfect tree at a tree farm.  I can recall the faces of the other families, the wagon ride, the snow and the pure exhilartion.. we find the tree, and in perfect Adrian style, say’s “mommy this is perfect, not as perfect as the Grinches tree but perfect!”.  When the tree came home, the aromas were released ( trees need to warm up inside) and my home smelled of that distinct aroma that can only be found in a real Christmas Tree – family.  As my family has changed this scent has not, in fact, I made a custom candle called family, to capture this amazing memory… Take me on your scent memory, where do you go?  #scentedlair  #noseknowsdesign


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