Something To Smell Today Architecture of Scent

Scent Design DubaiArchitecture of Scent Wednesday, November 13th, in Dubai, is a rare and exclusive workshop that marks the launch of Tracy Pepe’s work in Scent Design for the past 25 years.

“It has been a very long journey but clients are fully understanding the difference made by my work.  I am thrilled to be launching at Dubai design Week my work and I am honoured to be apart of this esteemed community of designers.”  Tracy comments. This one-time event is the perfect opportunity to witness the artistry behind an emerging phenomenon firsthand.

Architecture of Scent a hands on workshop (register here) that allows individuals to blend and work with the elements of scent and colour understanding vibration in scent design. Combined with her custom scent pallet WhiffLoves™, Tracy will lead a workshop on custom blending techniques in scent design. Visitors will encounter unique headspaces featuring artisan style blends that titillate the nose and awaken the imagination. Scent Design has never been so much fun!


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