Something to smell today…


The smell of success…. I can take a deep breath today … I made it to the next stage.. It is because of my customers who love smelling, my friends who listen to me and support my outrageous ideas, my kids who look at me and look with awe.. “is that my mother?”, and my community, The City of Brampton, especially the Downtown Community, each of you have helped me on this journey.  My new neighbours I am laughing with more, my dear friend and lovely dog, I ask her every night, “Boo Boo, how did we got here?”

2020 is about to get really exciting, I am so proud to announce that we are opening our second location at Pearson International Airport.  Today we get to celebrate, today we get to laugh and today is a real milestone. Yes we did it.  Yes I am so thankful.  2020 is about to get real, we have tunred the corner as they say.. #noseknowsdesign #scentedlair

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